Jefferson’s is a brand that was established by Trey and Chet Zoeller in the year 1997. They had the intention of continuing the tradition of their family, which goes back to the eighth generation of Trey’s grandma in the year 1799 for the “making and sales of spirituous liquors.” Jefferson’s has the dedication of moving the barriers of the way bourbon is defined, while still making their tradition stand.

This brand bottles a lot of different types of rye and bourbon, and they constantly experiment with new processes and blends, which challenges the classic thinking of what bourbon and rye can be.

Jefferson’s Bourbon has not had a home until quite recently. They’ve been able to create pretty cool barrels of bourbon in these years, and this makes it one which brand loyalists love. Presently, they have a home at Kentucky Artisan Distillery (KAD), which is in Crestwood, Kentucky.

The partnership between Jefferson’s and Kentucky Artisan Distillery has allowed Jefferson’s to start bottling and batching many of their products there. Many of the Jefferson’s experimental products are aged at KAD. Even though a majority of the distillation at Kentucky Artisan Distillery will go to Jefferson’s, they’ll still go to other distilleries to source for whiskey. The corn and the rye that is used for the barrels produced at KAD are grown at a Waldeck Farm, less than a mile away from KAD.

Literally, since Kentucky Artisan Distillery became the home of Jefferson’s, one of the biggest changes is the fact that they now offer tours of the facility. There’re also several fantastic things that you can see, which will make your inner bourbon geek delighted. They give tours 7 days a week at different prices.

Kentucky Artisan Distillery is proud of doing several parts of Jefferson’s brand’s process, which includes distilling, blending, aging, bottling, and also assisting in ensuring that most of their experimental projects become a success. The partnership between Jefferson’s and Kentucky Artisan Distillery is actually a perfect one.

Jefferson’s products you can learn about at Kentucky Artisan Distillery:


  • Jefferson’s Very Small Batch
  • Jefferson’s Presidential Select
  • Jefferson’s Reserve
  • Jefferson’s Rye Whiskey


  • Jefferson’s Ocean
  • Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration
  • Jefferson’s Ocean, Cask Strength
  • Esquire and Jefferson’s Barrel-Aged Manhattan
  • Jefferson’s Wood Experiment

Cask Finishes

  • Jefferson’s Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finished
  • Jefferson’s Grand Selection Chateau Pichon Baron Cask Finish
  • Jefferson’s Grand Selection Chateau Suduiraut Sauternes Cask Finish
  • Jefferson’s Groth Cask Finish