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  • Six Jefferson’s Bourbon Recipes That Are Great For Spring

    Everyone loves bourbon in the winter season. Hot toddies will give your ears a warming effect on cold and snowy nights. There isn’t anything like using a little bit of rye or bourbon to beef up your coffee on a snowy morning, but bourbon can also be used in a drinks for warmer weather as […]

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  • All You Need to Know About Jefferson’s Bourbon

    Jefferson’s is a brand that was established by Trey and Chet Zoeller in the year 1997. Jefferson’s has the dedication of moving the barriers of the way bourbon is defined, while still making their tradition stand.

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  • What to expect on a typical tour of Kentucky Artisan Distillery?

    Kentucky Artisan Distillery serves as the home for Jefferson’s Bourbon, Whiskey Row, and Billy Goat Strut, and you’ll be able to have a taste of many bourbon blends while you’re on the KAD tour.

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  • What makes Kentucky Artisan Distillery such a unique place in the world of bourbon distilleries?

    Kentucky Artisan Distillery houses several brands of bourbon, which makes them a fantastic place to visit if you are interesting in trying several different types of bourbon in one visit.

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  • Classic Holiday Drinks with Bourbon

    No matter which holiday drink you mix up, you’re in for a treat when you use Jefferson’s Bourbon — your secret ingredient to a delicious holiday season!

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  • Great Bourbon Destinations To Visit In Kentucky

    Kentucky is famous for bluegrass music, horse racing, college football and BOURBON! These are some great places to visit while you are in the bluegrass state.

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  • Holiday 2019 Bourbon Gift Guide

    Don’t disappoint your bourbon lover friends this holiday, check out our Holiday 2019 Bourbon Gift Guide.

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  • Bourbon Basics – What is Bourbon?

    All bourbon is usually said to be whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. Get the low down on what it means to be a bourbon.

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