Gifts For Each Bourbon Lover On Your List

There are those that prefer a glass of good old American bourbon over beer or rum. That means if you have a bourbon lover in your life, you may have to get them something special along with their favorite bottle of bourbon.

We are not going to be recommending another “I LOVE BOURBON” T-shirt; instead, we’ve created something memorable for the bourbon-obsessed.

A gift guide that has items that are incredible, unique, and personalized. All of those gifts that will get a bourbon lover thrilled. Don’t disappoint your bourbon lover friends this holiday, check out our Holiday 2019 Bourbon Gift Guide:

1. Kentucky Artisan Distillery Tours

There’s no better way to show your love to your favorite bourbon lover than getting them on the Kentucky Artisan Distillery tour. This tour will give them a behind the scenes experience of an authentic working bourbon distillery.

You will feel like a distiller yourself at the end of the tour as you get close and personal to the distillery equipment and the people who make the bourbon. On tour, you’ll get to ask the questions that have always mattered to you as a bourbon lover. The tour even gets better if they get to meet Jade Peterson, the head distiller, or the owner, Steve Thompson. 

2. Bourbon Tails

Don’t be surprised; a bourbon lover will still appreciate this book, especially when combined with their drink. The book paints the images of the role played by dogs in different Kentucky distilleries. 

In the book, there is a description of how these dogs made life better in their different bourbon loving homes. This could even be perfect if your bourbon loving friend is also a dog lover. 

3. Bourbon Sipping Glasses

Every bourbon lover cherishes their drinking tools, and this is why it will mean a lot to a bourbon lover if you get them sipping glasses. While bourbon can be drunk as a shot or cocktail, top-shelf blends have to be sipped slowly and carefully to be enjoyed. 

Look for sipping glasses that fits into the hand with a broad base and rim funnel to help a bourbon drinker savor all the taste of their favorite drink. With a perfect sipping glass, you get to take in both the aroma and feel the taste of the bourbon. 

4. Bourbon Stirrer

There’s rarely a bourbon lover that would not want this stirrer in their collection. Even if they have one already, adding this to their collection would score a big goal in their heart. Look closely at this stirrer; it’s adorable, classy, and of course, dishwasher safe. 

It does no matter if you have a young or old as a bourbon lover, this bourbon stirrer would still make a huge mark on them. A gift they will cherish even beyond the holidays. 

5. Bourbon Can Cooler

Bourbon is best served chilled, and if you help a bourbon lover to keep their drink cold, they will forever love you. If you’re not sure of what you should get as a gift, you cannot be wrong with this option. 

It’s a gift that transcends race and generation. When the hot summer comes, you’ll be better appreciated for this thoughtful gift. 

5. Bourbon

You really can’t go wrong when you buy your favorite friend or family member a bottle of Jefferson’s Bourbon. Whether you choose the Jefferson’s Ocean, a unique bourbon that is aged at sea, or Pritchard Hill, which is aged for an additional 12 months in French Oak casks that once held Pritchard Hill® Cabernet Sauvignon, your gift will be the best at the party — especially if the recipient chooses to share!