There are quite a lot of things you might not know about Kentucky, and we are sure these three places would be part of what you don’t know. Of course, you know about the Kentucky Fried Chicken, but maybe you don’t know that the song “Happy Birthday To You” originates from Kentucky. Being a scenic state, Kentucky is surrounded by hills, forest, swampland, meadows, and rivers.

Kentucky is also famous for bluegrass music, horse racing, college football and BOURBON! There’s quite a lot the 15th state to join the union has to offer, and that includes these three hidden secrets, sitting right outside of Louisville. Just a short trip away, in Oldham County, are the Kentucky Artisan Distillery, Hive and Barrel, and Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. If you find yourself in Louisville, Kentucky during the upcoming holidays, or anytime in the future, these three places are a must-visit to your itinerary.

Kentucky Artisan Distillery
This is the home of Jefferson’s Bourbon, where distilling is more of art than science. This is where you’ll learn the history of how bourbon came to be what it is today. There’s nowhere else in the world that shares the passion Kentucky Artisan Distillery has for bourbon.

You will see how bourbon is made without the need for new scientific techniques, as KAD is reliant on generations-old craft of making bourbon. You can even see the 700-acre Waldeck Farms, just a minute up the road, where you’ll see tractors hauling through corn and rye used in Jefferson’s bourbon. Immerse yourself into the craft, and you’ll fall in love with bourbon even further.

Hive and Barrel
Do you love honey-based drinks? Then you should visit the Hive and Barrel to see how it’s done. However, even if you don’t have a thing for mead, visiting this meadery will give you a change of heart. This is how it works — Hive and Barrel is a winery, but rather than using grapes for the beverages, it uses honey as the base.

Honey is used when fermenting the wine, and the beauty has to been seen. If you can spend time at the Hive and Barrel Meadery, you’ll learn how this drink is made out of honey, water and yeast. Plan ahead and you may be lucky enough to visit on a day a batch is being made.

Yew Dell
End your tour of Kentucky with this internationally recognized center of gardens, trees, and plants. Did you know that Yew Dell is on the National Register of Historic Places? It’s also one of the most exceptional gardens nationally. Take in a fresh breath at the Yew Dell, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Yew Dell is an excellent way to spend your day while learning about new plants. While touring Yew Dell, you might get dozens of ideas on how to improve your garden’s look and feel. All year round, something is blooming at the Yew Dell, and you have to be there to have a feel of it.