Brands That Call KAD Home

Kentucky Artisan Distillery is the home to multiple brands. Being a contract distiller and bottler, we serve as the home to these brands that do not have their own place to call home. We are proud to be home to many award-winning brands. These are the main brands that currently keep us busy, but there are dozens of other brands we have helped with certain steps of their creation; and there will always be more in the future!

  • Jefferson’s Bourbon

    Jefferson’s Reserve is our largest and most well-known brand that proudly calls KAD their home. We are the official home for Jefferson’s, and when you take a tour with us you will learn all about their story, how KAD came to be a part of it, and sample some of their products we have helped them create.

    Jefferson’s was founded in 1997 by Trey and Chet Zoeller. They wanted to continue a family tradition that goes back to Trey’s 8th generation grandmother who was arrested in 1799 for the “production and sales of spirituous liquors”. Jefferson’s is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the definition of bourbon, while upholding tradition. This combination was a perfect match for Kentucky Artisan Distillery.

    We are proud to do many parts of the process for the Jefferson’s brand, including distilling, blending, aging, bottling and helping to make many of their experimental projects become realities. It truly is the perfect partnership!

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  • Whiskey Row Bourbon

    Whiskey Row is a one and only pre-prohibition style bourbon you might have found in a classy speakeasy or perhaps the Rathskeller Room at the Seelbach Hotel around the turn of the century.

    The stretch of Renaissance Revival buildings located on Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky is known as Whiskey Row. From 1850 through Prohibition, Whiskey Row became the trading center for all spirits distilled in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. Whiskey from upriver was warehoused and blended with Kentucky whiskey on its way downriver to New Orleans and overland to the West.

    Whiskey Row Bourbon is a blend of small batch barrels that mirrors many of those early recipes so that you may enjoy the same flavors that our ancestors enjoyed during the foundation and westward expansion of our nation.

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  • Billy Goat Strut North American Whiskey

    Long before bourbon whiskey become a popular spirit, whiskey made from rye and other grains was being distilled in the New World, which consisted of New England and the British Territories of what is now called Canada. These “Northern” whiskies eventually found their way to Louisville, Kentucky, and the docks of Shippingport. Cargo was off loaded from river boats to be transported by wagon around the Falls of the Ohio. The stevedores and roustabouts who serviced this trade were gamblers, and they set up a racing venue for their entertainment in the alleys behind the warehouses on Main and Market Streets.

    The alley just south of Main Street, or Whiskey Row, became popular for its goat races attended by common folk and local gentry alike. Wealthy Louisville gentlemen regularly attended these races and ‘strutted their stuff’, thus ‘Billy Goat Strut Alley’ became a Louisville legend.

    Our Billy Goat Strut North American whiskey is a tribute to that era combining the spicy rye whiskies of Kentucky and aromatic Canadian whiskies from our Northern friends.

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  • We bottle dreams. What can you dream up?

    There are requirements for minimum orders (we can no longer do just one barrel), but please give us a call if you think KAD could help you with one or more steps of the production process. Please ask for Chris Miller when you call.

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